14.12.2016 in Research

York research shows small businesses benefit more from venture capital funding over bank loans

New research out of York University, Florida Atlantic University and the University of Hong Kong indicates that venture capital funding is better than bank loans for the growth of startup businesses.

11.12.2016 in Research

Lassonde researcher collaborates with industry to improve infant care

Professor Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh is using NSERC’s Engage Grant to develop a system for preventing premature births. Ghafar-Zadeh has collaborated with Studio1Labs Inc. to develop the Functional Bed Sheet, a monitoring system that can detect infants’ respiratory changes and other movements.

15.11.2016 in Research

York professors conduct landmark study of race data collected by the Ottawa police

York Professors Lorne Foster and Les Jacobs and adjunct Professor Bobby Siu conducted a landmark study that disaggregated and analyzed two years of race data collected by the Ottawa Police. The Traffic Stop Race Data Collection Project study represents the largest and most comprehensive undertaking of race-based data collection in Canadian policing history.

07.11.2016 in Research

The Centre for Vision Research awards the Marian Regan Prize for best master's thesis

The Centre for Vision Research at York University recently awarded the Marian Regan prize for the best master’s thesis in a vision-related topic submitted in 2015-16. The prize was awarded to Benjamin Voloh for his thesis on theta-gamma coupling in the frontal cortex.

31.10.2016 in Research

York employees sought for a study on exercise and mindfulness

A new study study exploring the role of mindfulness and exercise in improving employee health is seeking participants. Participants will take part in a supervised walking and/or walking and meditation program.

25.10.2016 in Research

NHL success linked to "infected" fans, new research out of York U shows

Rabid fans are needed to spread the excitement or “infection” of the National Hockey League (NHL) if its expansion into new cities is going to be a success, according to new mathematical modelling out of York University.

25.10.2016 in Research

New research report on flame retardant chemicals shows Canada's failure to protect health

EDAction, a group that includes York University researchers, has released a report titled “Toxic by Design” that details how current regulations permit industries to substitute one harmful chemical with replacement chemicals that have not been thoroughly tested.

24.10.2016 in Research

Important notice to researchers: Tri-Agencies financial monitoring visit set for week of Nov. 7

The Tri-Agencies are conducting a financial monitoring visit the week of Nov. 7. The Tri-Agencies are also conducting an information session on Wednesday, Nov. 9, at 2pm in the Senate Chamber, N940 Ross Building.

18.10.2016 in Research

Call for nominations: President's 2016 Research Awards

The Senate Committee on Awards invites current or emeritus tenure-stream faculty members to nominate colleagues for the President’s Research Awards. The deadline for receipt of nominations is Friday, Nov. 25, at 4:30pm.

07.10.2016 in Research

York prof Scott Adler awarded research gift to study C-section births

York University psychology Professor Scott Adler has received a $105,000 research gift from the Hallward Fund of the Toronto Foundation in support of his research project titled “Exploring the Caesarean Section Birth Experience as a Risk Factor for Attentional and Cognitive Consequences.”

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