12.10.2016 in Bookshelf

York profs offer expertise on pandemic responses for homeless population

Stephen Gaetz, director and professor in the Faculty of Education, and Janet Mosher, professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, contributed to the new book “Pandemic Preparedness and Homelessness: Lessons from H1N1 in Canada”.

19.09.2016 in Bookshelf

New book examines intersection of surveillance and gender

A group of essays published in a new book portrays the ways in which surveillance is shaped around gender. “Expanding the Gaze: Gender and the Politics of Surveillance” is co-edited by York University’s communication studies Professor Robert Heynen.

18.09.2016 in Bookshelf

Ethical foundations of caregiving examined in new book

York University Professor Alan Blum is the co-editor of a new book that delves into the ethical foundations of caregiving. The book includes contributions from several authors affiliated with York University.

07.09.2016 in Bookshelf

Schulich prof explores evolution of management in new book

Defining Management, a new book co-authored by Schulich Professor Matthias Kipping, charts the evolution of management ideas and practices from their earliest expression.

08.08.2016 in Bookshelf

Glendon professor publishes two collections of environmental history

Glendon Professor Colin Coates has published two books on environmental history: “Canadian Countercultures and the Environment” and “Moving Natures: Mobility and the Environment in Canadian History”.

25.07.2016 in Bookshelf

Prof. emeritus Dalton Kehoe's book highly rated by Forbes Magazine

Professor emeritus Dalton Kehoe’s latest book, “Mindful Management: The Neuroscience of Trust and Effective Workplace Leadership” has recently been listed in the top five management coaching books of the past year by Forbes Magazine.

08.06.2016 in Bookshelf

New book celebrates the work of Professors Alan Blum and Peter McHugh

“The Reflexive Initiative: On the grounds and prospects of analytic theorizing” is a new book featuring essays originally presented at a conference held at Edinburgh University in June 2014 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the publication of “On the Beginning of Social Inquiry” by Peter McHugh, Stanley Raffel, Daniel C. Foss and Alan Blum.

13.05.2016 in Bookshelf

York instructor untangles mystery of Tom Thomson's death in new book

A new book by a York University instructor Gregory Klages about the sudden and mysterious death of Canadian icon and painter Tom Thomson untangles myths from facts and offers a refreshing perspective. The book is titled “The Many Deaths of Tom Thomson: Separating Fact from Fiction”.

03.05.2016 in Bookshelf

York prof publishes third edition of influential book that examines social determinants of health

York Professor Dennis Raphael has just published the third edition of his influential book, Social Determinants of Health: Canadian Perspectives.

29.04.2016 in Bookshelf

Philosophy professor explores virtue ethics in new book

York u philosophy Professor Duff Waring studies the connections between insight-oriented psychotherapy and virtue ethics in his new book The Healing Virtues: Character Ethics in Psychotherapy.

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